Rule Seniors


1.        Four Teams would contest the On-Stage Quiz.

2.        A Team shall consist of maximum two persons. 

3.        The Four contesting teams would be selected by the selection panel based on the Qualification round (details below).

4.        The decision of the quiz-master & selection panel will be final and will not be subjected to any change.

5.        The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile phones or other electronic instruments.

6.        Audience shall not give any hints or clues/ communicate with the participating teams while the Quiz is in progress.


  • Each contestant would be given a set of question paper containing 30 multiple choice objective type questions
  • Time limit - 30 minutes
  • A maximum of 8 contestants (for the 4 Teams) would be selected for the On-Stage Quiz Round.
  • In case of tie between 2 or more contestants, further 5 questions would be asked for final selection to determine the final 8 contestants.
  • The 4 participating teams would be selected from among the final 8 contestants selected for the On-Stage Quiz round. The selection panel may use a lucky dip method to select the teams.


3 Preliminary Rounds & 1 Rapid Fire round

  • Round 1 Topics: PHYSICS & GENERAL SCIENCE.
  • Round 2 Topics: BIOLOGY & LIFE SCIENCE.

Opening RoundCOSMOS

  • Total 16 questions, i.e 4 questions to each team, sequentially. 10 points for a correct answer, no negative points.
  • If the team being quizzed does not give the correct answer, the question would be passed to the remaining teams sequentially. 
  • 5 points would be awarded for a question that gets passed over to another team.
  • In case the teams fail to give the correct answer, the question would be forwarded to the Audience.

Second Round: EVOLUTION Round


  • 12 questions in total, which may include Audio Visuals.
  • There would be 3 iterations of 4 questions each, asked sequentially
  • 10 points for a correct answer, no –ve points for incorrect answer
  • NO PASS. Un-answered questions would be forwarded to the audience.


Third RoundSAGA Round

  • 10 questions in each round. Out of the 10 questions, there would be 7 questions read out and 3 Audio Visual questions.
  • This would be a BUZZER–based round.
  • The first team to press the buzzer would get the opportunity to give the answer first. Up to 2 clues shall be given in case of no attempt from teams.
  • Answering time is only 15 seconds.
  • 10 points for a correct answer and 5 negative points for a wrong answer.
  • If the team who pressed the buzzer first does not give the correct answer, the question would be forwarded to the remaining teams. Buzzer will be used for a second time.
  • In case the second team too fails to give the right answer, the question would be forwarded to the Audience.

Final Round: RAPID FIRE Round

  • Each team will be asked 5 questions one after another in 1 minutes time.
  • Each team will be allowed to pick from 4 Available Topics: PHYSICS, BIOLOGY, HISTORY and CULTURE.
  • 10 marks for the correct answer; No negative marks for the wrong answer
  • If a team cannot answer the question, they can say pass for the next question. The question will not be forwarded to the next team. If time remains, teams will be asked the passed over questions again.

NOTE: The Quiz Master may run a Surprise Round in the event of tie at the end of the Final Round