Essense Melbourne

An open minded community formed by group from Kerala, India. A space where you can pause, think, and have conversations about 'topics that matter'. Our goal is to share knowledge, think together and if possible tackle some real world problems. We do not operate within the boundaries of gender, place, caste or ideology but actively encourage free thought and critical thinking.

We look forward to meeting like minded people and invite you to join us in driving this forward by becoming a part of our team. At Essense Melbourne you have a place to collaborate freely and be part of a truly secular, progressive community.

We frequently gather to discuss, debate and have a little fun while we are at it. Public events where all are welcome include talk shows, debates, Q&A sessions, science quiz for youngsters, astronomy sessions and classes on advanced robotics and the future of AI. Our members’ tour will include visits to places that generate scientific intrigue like bio-luminescent beaches, areas where Aurora Australis is visible among others.

Essense Melbourne was setup by like-minded individuals from Kerala, India as a way to promote rational thinking and scientific method as a philosophy.

Our motto is to question and critically examine all ideas, including those put forward by religions and testing them in the light of experiment and factual evidence.

We aim:
  • To provide a means of expression for informed free-thought on philosophical and social issues.
  • To offer reliable information in place of superstition, and reason in place of faith.
  • To provide a platform where non-religious and rational individuals can collaborate and belong.